Make animal welfare codes of practice mandatory

“The Code says I should have a six-metre tether, but mine is only two metres. I’m tied to this post all day long with little room to move and express natural behaviours like frolicking, exploring and grazing and I can’t flee from predators.”

“While the code recognises that I need enough space to fly and express natural behaviours, it’s not law so I could live my whole life (that’s 50 years!) in a cage that doesn’t allow me to spread my wings.”

“The code says appropriate anesthetic should be used for painful procedures like castration, but there’s no law that says it must.”


 RSPCA Victoria is calling for animal welfare codes of practice to be made mandatory. Most codes of practice under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 (POCTAA) are advisory only and, therefore, are difficult to enforce. Making them mandatory would provide a specific set of minimum standards that anyone involved in the use, management and control of animals would need to abide by.

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